Fantasy Trip Spell Index


IQ RequirementNameTypeDescriptionST Cost
IQ8BlurTSubtracts 4 from DX of all attacks/spells against subject. 1/1
IQ8Detect MagicTTells user whether the item is magic or has any spells on it. 1
IQ8Drop WeaponTMakes victim drop whatever is in one hand. 1 or 2
IQ8ImageCCreates any image occupying one hex. 1
IQ8LightTMakes any small item glow like a torch1
IQ8Magic FistMA telekinetic blow. Does 1d-2 damage for every ST point.V
IQ8Slow MovementTHalves victim’s MA for 4 turns. 2
IQ8StaffSThis spell is used to make any piece of wood into a wizard staff. 5
IQ9AidTTemporarily adds 1 to ST, DX, or IQ of any figure.V
IQ9AvertTVictim must end movement at least 2 hexes farther from the wizard than he started.2/1
IQ9ClumsinessTSubtracts 2 from victim’s DX for every 1 ST uses.V
IQ9ConfusionTSubtracts 2 from victim’s IQ for every 1 ST the wizard uses. V
IQ9Dark VisionTGives subject the ability to see normally, even in total dark, for 1 hour.3
IQ9DarknessSExtinguishes all artificial lights within its range. V
IQ9Detect LifeSTells the wizard whether there are any living beings within 2 MH.2
IQ9FireCFills one hex with magical flame. 1
IQ9Look Your BestTThis spell will give a+2 to a casual reaction roll1/1
IQ9Reveal MagicSFind out what secret protective spells or devices his foes may be using. 1/1
IQ9Summon ScoutCBrings a rat or any other small mammal to spy or scout. 1/1
IQ9Summon WolfCBrings a wolf to follow wizard’s orders. 2/1
IQ9Turn MissilesTCauses any missile aimed at the spell’s subject to automatically miss1/1
IQ10AdhesionSHolds two things together permanently.
IQ10ClearheadednessTRemoves all IQ and DX penalties 1
IQ10Close VisionTImproves close-up vision as much as a large magnifying glass1
IQ10DazzleSCreates a blinding psychic flash. 3
IQ10Detect EnemiesSPicks up only on beings with general or specific hostile intent. 3+
IQ10Dispel MissilesTDispels any missiles aimed at the spell’s subject. 1/1
IQ10Far VisionTSubject of this spell has his distance vision is increased a hundred times. 1
IQ10Lock/KnockTThis spell controls doors, gates, etc. to hold something closed or to open it. 2
IQ10MealCCreates a modest meal for one2+
IQ10Minor MedicamentTHeals small ailments.2
IQ10ShadowCFills one hex with totally black shadow.1
IQ10Shock ShieldTDoes 1 die of damage to any creature in the subject’s hex.2/1
IQ10Speed MovementTDoubles MA of target figure for 4 turns.2
IQ10Staff to SnakeTLets wizard turn his own staff into a snake.1
IQ10StalwartTLets target ignore all minor inconveniences of the environment.3
IQ10Summon MyrmidonCBrings a warrior to follow wizard’s orders.2/1
IQ10TrailtwisterSConfuse pursuing enemies who are not actually within sight. 4
IQ10TripTKnocks victim down. 2 or 4
IQ10WardSAnything that comes through the will be known to the casting wizard. 2
IQ10WhisperTThe subject can direct his voice to any listener, and no one else will hear his speech.1
IQ11Acid TouchTAcid adds 1 die to any bare-handed damage1/1
IQ11Control AnimalTPuts any one animal under wizard’s control as long as spell is maintained. 2/1
IQ11Create WallCCreates a solid wall in one hex .2
IQ11Delete WritingTRemoves all handwriting from a single page of paper. 1
IQ11Destroy CreationTRemoves any one thing created by a Creation spell1
IQ11FermentT Useful for making wine, beer, bread, mead, cheese, yoghurt.2 or 6
IQ11Great VoiceTSubject’s voice is audible to everyone within bowshot. 1
IQ11IllusionCCreates any 1-hex illusion. See Images and Illusions. 2
IQ11PersuasivenessTLets subject of spell speak convincingly. 2/1
IQ11Reveal/ConcealTFind or hide objects, or spells on objects.2+
IQ11Reverse MissilesTCauses any missiles aimed at the subject to turn against the one who fired them. 2/1
IQ11RopeCCreates a magical rope to entangle victim2
IQ11ScourTCleans one item, or a general cleanup to a person or MH. 1
IQ11Silent MovementTLets subject of spell walk, run, climb, etc., totally noiselessly. 1/1
IQ11SleepTPuts victim to sleep. 3
IQ11Staff II / ManastaffSLike the basic Staff, except it now has a Mana stat to be charged with.V
IQ11Summon BearCBrings a bear to follow wizard’s orders.4/1
IQ123-Hex FireCFire covering up to 3 connected hexes. 2
IQ123-Hex ShadowCShadow covering up to 3 connected hexes. 2
IQ12Analyze MagicTTells the wizard the exact enchantment on any one object. 4
IQ12BlastSDoes 1 die of damage to every creature in the wizard’s hex or adjacent to it.2
IQ12Break WeaponTShatters one weapon, shield, staff, etc., in hand of a foe. 3
IQ12Breathe FireTAllows the wizard to breathe flames.3/1
IQ12Cleanse PoisonTRemoves all poisons from food and drink within a hex. 4
IQ12Drain StrengthSLets wizard drain life force from others humans into himself.0
IQ12Eyes-BehindTS hexes treated as front hexes, and rear hex treated as a side hex.3/1
IQ12FireballMCreates a fiery missile.V
IQ12FreezeTTotally freezes victim and stops all actions. 4
IQ12FriendshipSCalms everyone within 10 yards and line of sight of the caster.V
IQ12InvisibilityTLets wizard make himself (or another) invisible. 3/1
IQ12Mage SightTAllows its subject to see concealed objects 2/1
IQ12Magic RainstormCCreates a “storm” one megahex in size. 4
IQ12PathfinderSUsed to choose between two paths. 3
IQ12RepairTThis spell will magically repair any simple item of weight less than 5 lbs. 6
IQ12SootheTCalms an upset person or animal. 1
IQ133-Hex WallCWall affecting any three connected hexes. 4
IQ134-Hex ImageCCreate an image of anything no greater than 4 hexes in size. 2
IQ13Control ElementalTPuts any one elemental under wizard’s control as long as spell is maintained. 3/1
IQ13Control PersonTPuts any one figure under wizard’s control 3/1
IQ13CurseTThe Curse is a general “foul-up” spell cast at one individual. V
IQ13FireproofingTMakes subject immune to all effects of fire. 3/1
IQ13FlightTLets subject fly.3/1
IQ13Open TunnelTTurns one hex of rock into air. 10
IQ13ScryingSThe Scrying spell is used to see what is happening somewhere else.V
IQ13Slippery FloorTMakes the floor over one megahex extremely slick. 3
IQ13Staff III / Staff of StrikingSStaff may strike a figure two hexes away, and the to-hit roll is made at +3.V
IQ13Sticky FloorTMakes an area of floor 1 MH in size magically “sticky.”3
IQ13Stone FleshTGives subject’s body the power to act as armor, stopping 4 hits per attack. 2/1
IQ13StopTThe victim of this spell has a MA of zero for the next four turns. 3
IQ13Summon GargoyleCBrings a regular Gargoyle to serve wizard.4/1
IQ13TelekinesisTLets wizard move objects by the force of his mind. 2/2
IQ144-Hex IllusionCCreate any illusion no greater than 4 hexes in size. 3
IQ14Dispel IllusionsSCauses all illusions within 5 megahexes to vanish immediately. 5
IQ14Duplicate WritingTCopies one side of a handwritten page of a reasonable size.2
IQ14Explosive GemSCreate an Explosive Gem may be made to go off when disturbed, or when thrown.V
IQ14Fresh AirTThe subject of this spell can breathe normally.2/1
IQ14GlamorTGlamor is cast over a living creature to appear as other than what he is.10
IQ14LightningMMissile does 1 die damage for each ST point the wizard puts into it. V
IQ14Remove Thrown SpellTNegates the effect of any Thrown-type spell.2
IQ14Restore DeviceTThis spell will fix broken springs, restore gear teeth, replace wires, and so on.12+
IQ14Spell ShieldTPrevents any spells from being cast on its .3/1
IQ14Summon GiantCBrings a giant to follow wizard’s orders.3/1
IQ14Summon Lesser Demon CAllows wizard to summon a minor demon, who will perform one service for him.20
IQ14TelepathyTLets wizard read mind of one subject. 4/1
IQ14Weapon/Armor EnchantmentTImprove Armor and weapons through magicV
IQ157-Hex ImageCLets wizard create any image occupying up to 7 connected hexes.4
IQ157-Hex ShadowCShadow affecting up to 7 connected hexes. 3
IQ15Astral ProjectionSLets the wizard send his “astral body” to another place while he apparently sleeps. 10
IQ15CallingSThe caster of this spell can attract the closest being of any specified kind.5
IQ15Create GateCAllows the wizard to make a Gate100
IQ15Giant RopeCA stronger version of the Rope spell. 5
IQ15HammertouchTThe subject of this spell can strike with his fistV
IQ15Iron FleshTLets the subject’s body stop 6 hits per attack. 3/1
IQ15Megahex AvertTLike Avert, but cast on the occupants of a whole megahex.3/1
IQ15PentagramCCreates a magical barrier that keeps out occult influences. 5/1
IQ15RegenerationTRegrows all missing parts of the subject and restores full health. 30
IQ15Staff IV / Staff of PowerSLike Staff III, except that no roll to hit is required, and the attack is a free action.V
IQ15Summon Small DragonCBrings a small (4-hex) dragon to follow wizard’s orders.5/1
IQ15TeleportSInstantly “blinks” wizard to another hex. V
IQ15UnnoticeabilityTMakes its subject hard to notice. 3/1
IQ167-Hex FireCFire on any 7 connected hexes. 4
IQ167-Hex IllusionCCreates an illusion occupying no more than 7 connected hexes.5
IQ167-Hex WallCWall affecting any 7 connected hexes. 6
IQ16Create/Destroy ElementalSCreate one elemental, which will do the bidding of its creator for one day. V/10
IQ16Death SpellTCompare the ST of the wizard with the victim. The lower ST is lost by both.V
IQ16Long-Distance TelepathySAllows a wizard to send a short message to anyone he knows.12
IQ16Megahex SleepTSleep affects every figure with ST less than 20 in a single megahex.8
IQ16Summon DragonCBrings a 7-hex dragon to serve wizard. 5/2
IQ16TranceSThe wizard may ask one yes-no question of the GM. 10
IQ16Write ScrollSLets wizard create a Scroll.0
IQ17Blast TrapSAn object explodes under condition set by the wizard.V
IQ17CleansingTThis spell will kill all small life forms within the specified area. 20
IQ17Diamond FleshTStops 8 hits/attack.4/1
IQ17Dissolve EnchantmentTThis spell will disenchant a person or object of any one spell on it.50+
IQ17ExpungeSErase the enchantment on the object when specific conditions are met.125+
IQ17GeasSA Geas is a command to do, or not to do, a certain thing. 10
IQ17InsubstantialityTThe subject of this spell is rendered temporarily “out of phase” 4/2
IQ17Remove Cursed ObjectTSuppresses spell on an object long enough to allow the wearer to put it down or take it off. 20
IQ17Staff V / Staff of MasterySLike Staff IV, except that the Mana of the staff may be raised up to twice the wizard’s IQ,V
IQ17SpellsnifferTThis spell gives its subject a combined Reveal, Detect, and Analyze Magic. 2/1
IQ17Summon DemonCAllows wizard to summon a 3-hex Greater Demon. 30
IQ17The Little DeathTThis spell puts its subject in a suspended animation closely resembling death. 4 or 10
IQ18Control GateCDetermine where the other end of a Gate is and what rules govern it50
IQ18Lesser Magic Item CreationSLets wizard create any item on the Lesser Magic Item list.V
IQ18Megahex FreezeTA Freeze spell which affects all figures with ST less than 20 in a given megahex12
IQ18ShapeshiftingTTransforms its subject into any known type of creature.20 or 10
IQ18Wizard’s WrathMMissile does 1d+1 damage for each ST the wizard puts into it.V
IQ19Long-Distance TeleportSLets wizard “blink” himself or another from anyplace to anyplace else20
IQ19RevivalTThis spell will restore adea d creature to life, within an hour. 50
IQ19ZombieTLets wizard reanimate a corpse to create an undead servant. V
IQ20Greater Magic Item CreationSLets wizard create any magic item on the Greater Magic Item. V
IQ20PossessionSThe wizard puts himself into a trance and takes over the body of some other creature. 20
IQ20Word of CommandSA wizard can say the Word to any figure and compel obedience. 3