July 23, 2019 at 5:51 pm

Known as the ‘godless realm’, Sycorax is a loose confederation of city-states clustered around the Bay of Sycorax on the osuth shore of the Middlesea.  This wide, shallow basin is the center of their society, and their towns and villages are built on boardwalks and artificially-raised land around this brackish, tidal expanse.

The Sycorans are a pale, slim, intellectual people who have always looked to their minds to solve their problems rather than their backs. They have always had a greater acceptance of wizards among their population, and have had little interest in the truths of the Pentarchy. In recent days, Sycorax has been acting with uncharacteristic unity and aggression, and it is feared that they are being aided by powers beyond their land — or even from the Scintillance beyond.