The Scintillance

June 22, 2019 at 5:00 pm

All of the Cidrian Shards circling the sun are connected by the Scintillance. Less than the void of space, it Scintillance has an atmosphere and even its form of gravity. Only dragons can survive long-term in the Scintillance, normal creatures must make 3/fiadjST check every hour or lose one Fatigue. Fatigue lost in this way can not be regained until the figure leaves the Scintillance.

As the name suggests, the Scintillance is filled with luminous dust and smaller radiant objects that make true darkness nonexistent. Some of these glowing fragments are large enough to provide mooring for skyships or lairs for dragons.

Gravity in the Scintillance is roughly 1/10th of our world and ‘down’ is normally toward the nearest large object — usually a Shard — but even a skyship itself is enough to generate gravity when it is far from the nearest world.