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Heavy Hitters: Making the most of hulking armor and massive weapons

β€œAll armor has its weaknesses. That doesn’t mean you should stop wearing it.”

― Elizabeth Carlton, Chivalry’s Code


While poets and the populace might swoon over the image of a mounted knight in gilded plate riding through verdant grasslands, it’s far more likely to find a warrior scrambling through mud in battered steel bashing away at a foe with poleaxe, hoping to rattle them enough to get up close with a blade.

It might not be as artful as fencing or as dramatic as the specialty weapons favored by gladiators, but a heavily-armed and armored warrior is a fearsome opponent. In the Fantasy Trip, however, it is tricky to pull off. Not only is it expensive to purchase plate armor, but it also carries severe DX penalties to attacks. Adding in the ST requirements for the heavy weapons usually carried by these warriors makes it a difficult feat for a beginning PC.

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