Cities Slicker series: Fantasticism

“As a kid, I lived in a fantasy world. I used to believe ants could talk. Not once did they say thank you.”

—Willard Wigan

gettyimages-98345265I think many of us create and play fantasy role-playing games as an escape from reality and way to explore ideas that aren’t bound by strictures of our societies, or even our natural laws. So it seems slightly odd how much effort we put into plausible structures and believable rationale for our fantasies as we strive for the vague Gygaxian “verisimilitude”.

And sometimes these efforts undermine the magic of our creation. Our desire to create a logical hierarchy to the Church of Grognar Brighthelm might just throw shade on his holy radiance, or building a food chain where dragons have a steady food source might starve the joy from your questing knights. Sometimes its enough that Grognar shines, or that a dragon’s diet consists entirely of princesses.

Its a game, so don’t sweat the small stuff (like gnomes).

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