Once more into the Weft —
A trifold labyrinth

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”

– J.K. Rowling


We have spent the last couple of posts (here and here) sketching out an area within our Almeri setting as a location for a mega-dungeon known as the Weft-warrens. Technically, the entire location is the mega-dungeon, as the ancient wizard Kain and his acolytes carved out more than the Ebonthorn and the entire cavern is riddled with caves and tunnels.

This gave us the opportunity to explore another project we have been working on — the trifold labyrinth. Expanding a bit on the highly successful postcard dungeons the Fantasy Trip, The trifold layout lets us build a complete short adventure with multiple encounters, unique adversaries, and even new items and spells all on one sheet of paper.

Beyond the Night's BridgeThe first of these is ‘Beyond the Night’s Bridge’ and it is set in the Weft. Here you will find a mysterious bridge leading into a sealed underground tower, greedy goblins atop gigantic spiders, and shadowy folk from realms beyond our own. It is open-ended by design and probably asks more questions than it answers, leading your group to deeper adventures.

We invite you to download the adventure and take a look for yourself. Run it at your table, or loot it for ideas. Or, just look it over. We’d love to hear your feedback. And keep an eye for more Heroic Expeditions.

Download Beyond the Night’s Bridge trifold labyrinth.



A special shout-out to artist Dean Spencer whose inspirational work graces the front of our first trifold.




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