More than the sum of its parts — chimeric creatures for TFT

“What a chimera then is man. What a novelty! What a monster… what a contradiction, what a prodigy”
– Blaise Pascal

Wizards are a strange and reckless lot, treating the laws of nature as mere guidelines. They bend physics to their will, and twist biology like a pretzel. But for every noble pegasus or fearsome minotaur created by these mystical arts, there are hundreds of failures — broken malformed victims of their hubris. Not all of these wretched creatures are given the respite of death. Some live on, left to themselves, and scrabble for survival in a world not made for them.

In dark places, or wild areas unclaimed by other peoples, they gather together to live their lives away from the whims of their wizardly creators. They call themselves Chimerans, but most know them as Cobbleds. They are simple folk who generally avoid settlements where their looks often arouse hatred and violence.

Some turn this fear into hatred and seek retribution against civilization, especially wizards. They have little technology of their own and have only primitive weapons and tools, primarily using clubs, spears, and slings in combat. They are as adept at magic as any sapient creature but there is little acceptance of it among their people. Most cobbled wizards live as hermits outside even their own small communities. Those cobbled who have recently escaped captivity may have looted magic from their former masters but would not display it openly

They are one-hex creatures that range in size from halfling to nearly ogre stature. Their skin and hair are mottled and multi-colored and their eyes and limbs rarely seem matched. While many seem like strange malformed humanoids some prominently show features of the other creatures used in their creation. To create an individual cobbled, use the tables below. For height, start with 3’ and roll 1d, adding 1’ for each number on the die. Roll 1d for Attributes, 1d to see if it has a dominant base form, and a d66 for specific variations.  To roll d66, roll two d6 and use one for the first digit and one for the second. Feel free to use additional variations, but these should be more cosmetic than mechanical. Unless altered by a variation (below) they have an MA of 10 and no defense beyond armor they can fashion or scavenge that first their twisted frames.


Base attributes

1d rollTypeAttributes
1-2 Burly ST14 / DX10 / IQ8
3-4 NimbleST9 / DX14 / IQ9
5-6 WilyST9 / DX10 / IQ13

Base form

1d rollBase form
1Dominant type, roll 1d
2-5Muddled type
6Dual nature, roll twice


d66 RollAlterationEffects
11Mutated PustulesCovered in sores and boils
12Mutated SwollenSome limbs are oversized and bulky, giving +1ST on tests
13Mutated BonyThick plates cover portions adding +1AD
14Mutated Extra limbAdditional body part like an arm or tail, on 6 on 1d the limb is fully functional
15Mutated AngelicStrangely beautiful visage on warped frame giving +1 reaction
16Mutated WitheredSome parts are weak and deformed, giving -1ST on tests
21Avian BeakSharp beak gives melee bite attack at ST+1
22Avian Feathered crestBright plumage rises from forehead to base of skull
23Avian Vestigal wingsSmall wings offer limited ability to fly (MA-4)
24Avian Clawed feetTalons give kick attack at ST+1
25Avian Raptor eyesAs Far Vision spell (ITL, p.20)
26Avian Hollow bonesLight body takes additional hit on blunt strikes
31Bestial ClawsGives melee attack at ST+1
32Bestial Furry peltThick pelt offers 1AD
33Bestial BerserkBestial rage allows figure to go berserk (ITL, p.121)
34Bestial Night visionAllow figure to see in near darkness (ITL, p.37)
35Bestial Predator sensesLarge snout gives Alertness in regard to scent
36Bestial ScentWhen panicked or threatened (>1/3ST) sprays nauseating musk
41Botanical RootedGain sustenance from the earth and air, no need to eat or drink
42Botanical ThornsBarbed fists give attack at ST+1 or +1 in HTH
43Botanical Viny limbsPlant tendrils extend one hex
44Botanical BouquetWinding shoots sprout buds and flowers with a strong scent
45Botanical FungalComposite form allow the body to fit through small spaces
46Botanical PhotosyntheticNeeds sunlight each day or face Fatigue
51Insectile AntennaLong extensions from head give +1 to Notice
52Insectile Hive mindEmpathic connection to any other insect-aspected cobbled
53Insectile Segmented eyesMulti-faceted eyes gives 360° vision as Eyes-Behind spell (ITL, p.24)
54Insectile Venomous jawsMelee bite attack causes 1d damage unless 3/ST save
55Insectile WallcrawlerCan climb walls and inclines at 1/2MA
56Insectile PincersPincers arms can attack in melee at ST+1, hampers manual dexterity. Roll 1d, 1-4 one pincer, 5-6 tow pincers
61Reptilian ChameleonMutable skin tone gives +2DX to Stealth
62Reptilian TailAllows attack at ST+1 in rear hex
63Reptilian ScalyThick hides gives +1AD
64Reptilian AmphibiousFigure can stay underwater 10x longer than normal
65Reptilian ClawsGives melee attack at ST+1
66Reptilian Cold-blooded-2DX in cold conditions, +1 hits from cold attacks

For example, the GM creates a cobbled raiding party that has been preying on local livestock. There are four, and the GM rolls (1, 4, 5, 2) to find out there are two burly and two nimble raiders. Rolling for type, two are muddled (2, 3), one has a single variation(1), and one is dual-natured (6). The d66 rolls revealed that the burly one has one insectile pincer arm (56, then 4) and the nimble dual-natured has avian hollow bones (26) and bestial night vision (34). The GM decides that this one is the leader who uses their wits to manipulate the others and keep himself out of harms way.

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