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HEX is coming!

Out of the cold and darkness of February, something new is about to rise. Spawned by Zine Month and forged by a cabal of gifted zealots it has taken shape and is about to burst into existence on an internet…

Almechanist: Mechanical Magery for TFT

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke    Almechanists have the rare skill of mastery over the intersection of technology and magic— the science that blurs the line between the physical and the fantastic. Whether…

More than the sum of its parts — chimeric creatures for TFT

Wizards are a strange and reckless lot, treating the laws of nature as mere guidelines. They bend physics to their will, and twist biology like a pretzel. But for every noble pegasus or fearsome minotaur created by these mystical arts, there are hundreds of failures — broken malformed victims of their hubris. Not all of these wretched creatures are given the respite of death. Some live on, left to themselves, and scrabble for survival in a world not made for them. In dark places, or wild areas unclaimed by other peoples, they gather together to live their lives away from the whims of their wizardly creators. They call themselves Chimerans, but most know them as Cobbleds. They are simple folk who generally avoid settlements where their looks often arouse hatred and violence.

Strix: a bird of ill omen for TFT

From the child-slaughtering owls of Greek mythology to the oversized mosquitos that Gygax called ‘stirges’, a winged horror that swoops out of the darkness to drain the life from its victims is a well-known trope. Up in ‘aerie, we decided to put our own spin on the creature to give GMs another menace to challenge their heroes.

The view from down here; another take on underground adventuring

I looked over the posting from the ‘aerie the other day, and while I can’t say what they wrote was wrong I will say it was kinda gloomy. Sure, labyrinths are usually dark but that don’t mean they have to be uncomfortable. That’s where I come in. My Underworld Emporium offers everything a discriminating adventurer might need to turn their dungeon crawl into a dungeon swagger.