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Gearing up for delving down: Dungeon-crawling tips for TFT


“There is no need to build a labyrinth when the entire universe is one.”

― Jorge Luis Borges


It has been said many times that the Fantasy Trip is NOT D&D, and is not played the same way as D&D. It rose from the tactical combat skirmish games of Melee/Wizard and does not have the attrition and resource management aspects so prevalent in D&D and its offspring. That makes prolonged conflicts like dungeon-crawling much more difficult as wounds are harder to heal and casting spells physically drains the casters.

But harder doesn’t mean impossible. This started us thinking about how a group could explore an old-school mega-dungeon within the spirit and rules of the Fantasy Trip, rather than short intensive excursions followed by a retreat to home base to heal wounds and recover spells. Note that this discussion is limited to surviving the hazards of the dungeon environment, not fighting off whatever you might find down there.


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