New Optional Spells for TFT


Read Portent

This ritual spell allows the caster to use a divining device (runes, cards, entrails, etc.) to get a sense of how the future will unfold. Casting requires one minute and 2ST, and then the GM rolls against the caster’s IQ. Success will give a general idea of the the outcome (positive, negative, or neutral) of as future event within the next hour. Critical success may impart more specific indications, and a critical failure will deliver an incorrect and often dire result. Note that magically enhanced divining devices exist that can add improve the outcome.



Blood Pact

This ritual spell allows the caster to create a magical contract with a willing target. It requires consideration on both sides, but the caster’s requirement is not specific. When complete, the caster spends ST as if casting the Control Person spell (3ST +1ST per additional turn). At any later time, the caster may destroy the contract to enact the spell. The target gets not IQ save unless ordered directly act against their nature (i.e, harm themselves or a love one). If they actions are specified in the contract, the caster need not be in the presence of the target for the spell to take effect.