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Underdeep– Uncovering the world below Almeri

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

― Joseph Campbell


Almeri is not a large world by our mundane standards, or even by the standards of those well-traveled in the Scintilllance. But like many of the Shards bobbing in this celestial sea, its life is not limited to its surface.

For deep below its lush green forests and raging seas is a near continuous network of caverns, nodes, and vast openings that run nearly to the core of the world. And much of this dark landscape — known to most as the Underdeep — is teeming with life.

Much of the Underdeep is cut with long veins of crystals like quartz and selenite, and huge crystalline spaces can be found deep underground. These areas are prized by more intelligent Underdeep dwellers for their relative strength and reflective properties, and many groups seek them out for their settlements. Another common feature of these crystalline vaults are the the fainting shimmering Selen Moths that flutter about these areas like wandering starlight, and seemingly feed off the crystals themselves. To date, no one has mastered domesticating these light-bearing creatures, but their larva have been collected for use in glimmerworm lamps.



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