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Beyond the Reach: The Wilderlands of Almeri


“Contrary to popular belief, the outskirts are not where the world ends — they are precisely where it begins to unfurl.”

— Joseph Brodsky

Even with its politics and divisions, Falcon’s Reach is but one small community in a wider and wilder world. In fact, beyond its cobbled streets and slim towers there are vast stretches of wilderness before a traveler reaches the next safe destination.

The most traveled route from the city is probably down the Tien river to the Middlesea. As it flows northward, the river branches into a wide delta of swampy channels known as the Tangle. An open passage called the Cut was dredged by Venettine engineers more than a hundred years past and has become the major trade route for Arástavar lumber and finished goods from beyond. The smaller channels are often impassable or home to the region’s reptile men or other less than savory characters.


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