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Flashback or Fast-forward

“Have you ever wondered how nostalgia isn’t what it used to be?”

― Jasper Fforde

We have been watching the Kickstarter campaign for The Fantasy Trip with great interest her in the ‘aerie, and its pretty excitement. In just one week’s time it has blown past $150,000 and the stretch goals are piling up like awards in Meryl Streep’s closet. Not bad for minor RPG last seen on game store shelves in 1982.

But I start to wonder why. Is there really pent-up demand for Wizard/Melee style board game combat? Or the inspiring, but often obtuse, role-playing rules laid out in In The Labyrinth? Or is it just a nostalgia tour (like the caravan of aging rockers that rumble between outdoor concert halls every summer) for people with fond memories of their gaming past and a little disposable income? I hope that its not just a well-overdue payoff for Steve Jackson after the Metagming debacle so many years ago.


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