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Who are you calling mundane?
Making the most of simple skills in TFT

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.”

— Bill Moyers


Most Fantasy Trip players — and most gamers in general — try to make their characters are effective as possible, tweaking their options and choices to maximize their capabilities. This leaves little room for background talents that could make your characters more interesting.

At the very least, mundane skills can give a figure familiarity with the tools and activities of their profession and give them a bonus when dealing with those of similar trades. They should have the required tools to perform their jobs. But what if your past job experience could be applied to your new labyrinth-crawling career?

Note that these mundane abilities are no substitute for talents that make one better at a trade. A farmer with animal handling and driver would be much more efficient and a musician with the bard talent would probably be able to sway much larger audiences, but this is just an attempt to add practical value to an otherwise flavorful character choice.

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