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Playing the Race Card: Elves

“It would be interesting to find out what goes on in that moment when someone looks at you and draws all sorts of conclusions.”

― Malcolm Gladwell

We mentioned in a previous post that the race rules in The Fantasy Trip were a little lacking, even if they have not changed much from the previous edition. They are so stripped down that they can be easily summarized by this table:

Race ST DX IQ Pts. Benefit/Drawback
Human 8 8 8 8 n/a
Elf 6 10 8 8 MA12 unarmored /-3DX vs. insects
Dwarf 10 6 8 8 Double carrying capacity
Halfling 4 12 8 6 +1 Reaction, Thrown Weapons talent
Orc 8 8 8 8 n/a
Goblin 6 8 10 8 n/a

As you can see, other than a few shifts in starting attributes the races are virtually indistinguishable. They did write some fluff about the greedy nature of dwarves and how obnoxious an orc can be, but no real rules to back any of it up.


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