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Blood from a stone: a closer look at gargoyles in the Fantasy Trip

“The monsters were his friends, and guarded him.”

― Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

In the original Fantasy Trip, there were a lot fewer restrictions on what race of character you could create — centaurs, giants, and reptile men were all on the table. There was a strange (and unbalanced) caveat that these races would take twice as much experience to advance, but as a multi-hex bruiser with a minimum 25 ST who cared? That said, not all these monstrous races seem so far-fetched, and a couple of years back we created playable options for reptile men. Today we’d like to do the same for gargoyles.

With its signature minimalism, all we know of TFT gargoyles is that they are “tough, ugly humanoids (that) have a silicon metabolism” and “gargoyles live in small tribes in mountainous areas, hunting and eating rocks. They especially love to inhabit ruins. They prize jewels, and can sometimes be hired as guards by the wealthy; they are tough and trustworthy, though sullen.” They are strong but dim-witted, and can fly in complete defiance of physics. But there is an allure to being able to play rock-skinned, flying, sharp-clawed killing machine so let’s give it a shot.


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