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Upbringing, a talent variant for background color


“Everything depends on upbringing. ”

― Leo Tolstoy


A lot of players when creating new characters for TFT will diligently balance and maximize their attributes and talents to get the most benefits for every one of their choices. But very often you simply end up with “Swordo the Swordsmen — master of swords’, which might not be the most interesting figure to role-play.

On the other hand, its not always easy to spend points on secondary talents that make a character more interesting and fleshed-out rather than an important combat skill or extra spell.

Inspired by the Secondary Skills chart in the old AD&D Player’s Handbook, we built a quick low-cost system to give characters background flavor and capabilities. We call it ‘upbringing’ and it reflects how the character was raised, and they environment they grew up around. Upbringing can either be chosen or rolled randomly, and cost one IQ point at character creation. Alternatively, they could be given out as a free benefit to all PCs when they are made, or used in combination with minor drawbacks.

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