Fantasy Trip Talent Index


IQ RequirementTalentCostDescriptionPrerequisite
IQ7Brawling1Experience with unscientific bar fighting, friendly or otherwise.
IQ7Carousing1It would not be wrong to think of this talent as Courtly Graces for taverns.
IQ7Knife1Ability to use all types of knife.
IQ7Sword2Ability to use all swords, including Knife. Cost is one if you have Knife.
IQ7Ax/Mace2Ability to use all axes, maces, and hammers.
IQ7Pole Weapons2Ability to fight with all pole weapons.
IQ7Bow2Ability to use longbow, horse bow, short bow, and other “draw” bows, and the sling.
IQ7Crossbow1Ability to use the heavy and light crossbow.
IQ7Shield1Ability to use a shield properly.
IQ8Area Knowledge1Familiarity with a specific area.
IQ8Blowgun1Use of the blowgun
IQ8Boating1Ability to use a small rowboat, canoe, sailboat, raft, etc., skillfully.
IQ8Bola1Use of the bolaThrown Weapons
IQ8Boomerang1Use of the boomerangThrown Weapons
IQ8Cestus1Use of the cestus
IQ8Guns2Ability to use and maintain known types of gunpowder weapons.
IQ8Horsemanship1The ability to deal with horses
IQ8Lasso1Use of the lasso
IQ8Literacy1Ability to read and write all the languages that you know.
IQ8Mundane Talents: Menial1Farmer, Beekeeper, Butcher, Carpenter, Dancer, Draper, Fisherman, Gardener, Handyman, Miner, Scribe, Tailor, Tanner, Woodcarver.
IQ8Mundane Talents: Simple2Administrator, Baker, Brewer, Cook, Herald, Jeweler, Joiner, Leatherworker, Potter, Sculptor, Vintner, Weaver.
IQ8Mundane Talents: Professional3Artist/Calligrapher, Astrologer, Lawyer
IQ8Net and Trident1Use of net and tridentPole Weapons
IQ8Nunchuks1Use of the nunchuks
IQ8Quarterstaff1Use of the quarterstaff
IQ8Quick-Draw Weapon1Go directly from “weapon in scabbard” to “weapon ready.” Appropriate Weapon talent
IQ8Running2Add 2 to his/her MA when wearing leather or lighter armor.
IQ8Seamanship1Ability to act as an ordinary seaman.
IQ8Sex Appeal1Ability to charm the opposite sex.
IQ8Sha-ken1Useo of the sha-kenThrown Weapons
IQ8Spear Thrower1Use of the spear-throwerEither Pole Weapons or Thrown Weapons
IQ8Swimming1General swimming ability.
IQ8Thrown Weapons2+2 DX bonus whenever he throws something.
IQ8Whip1Use of the whip
IQ9Acute Hearing2Sense walls, obstructions, and living beings by sound
IQ9Alertness2Use 1 less die when searching for hidden things. 3d/IQ to nitice ambush
IQ9Animal Handler2The ability to make friends with “normal” animals.
IQ9Bard2Ability to sing and/or play a musical instrument.
IQ9Charisma2This talent gives you an automatic +l on all reaction rolls.
IQ9Climbing1Rock-climbing or mountain-climbing experience.
IQ9Detect Traps2Roll 2 fewer dice when looking for any trap
IQ9Diving1A character with Diving is a skilled and confident swimmer Swimming
IQ9Driver1Ability to drive a wagon, cart, chariot, etc.
IQ9Missile Weapons1A high degree of skill with missile weapons
IQ9Pickpocket1Roll 3 dice vs. DX to pick a pocket or steal a purse.
IQ9Priest1This is the ability to act as a priest of the religion of your.
IQ9Recognize Value1Ability to tell whether a thing has worth.
IQ9Silent Movement2A figure with this ability can walk so quietly that she cannot be heard.
IQ9Streetwise1Ability to get around the “mean streets.”
IQ9Toughness2+1AD. You may take this talent twice.
IQ10Acrobatics2An acrobat is trained in keeping his balance, recovering from falls, etc.DX 12
IQ10Armourer1Build and maintain ordinary weapons and armor
IQ10Business Sense2General knowledge of business, trading, etc.
IQ10Diplomacy1Allows a character to attempt to talk to a member of a hostile race without an automatic penalty on the reaction roll.
IQ10Engineer2Ability to build, maintain, and effectively use all siege engines.
IQ10Mimic1Ability to reproduce any voice, accent.
IQ10Naturalist2Knows about herbs, animals, etc
IQ10Poet1Ability to write poetry.Either Bard or Literacy
IQ10Remove Trap1Ability to remove trapsDetect Traps
IQ10Shield Expertise2A high degree of trained ability with the shield.
IQ10Tracking1Tell accurately what has passed within the last day
IQ10Unarmed Combat I1Basic martial arts, similar to judo, karate, la savate, etc.
IQ11Architect/Builder1Ability to design and build buildings, castles, labyrinths, etc
IQ11Courtly Graces1This is the ability to pick up court manners and protocol
IQ11Detect Lies2Ability to tell when a humanoid type is lying.
IQ11Expert Horsemanship2Break wild horses and other riding animalsHorsemanship
IQ11Fencer3Equivalent of Weapon Expertise, specifically for the fencing weapons.DX 13
IQ11Goldsmith2Ability to work with gold, silver, jewels, etc. Recognize Value
IQ11Locksmith1Ability to open locks.
IQ11Master Pickpocket1You roll 1 fewer dice to pick any pocket.Pickpocket talent and DX 14
IQ11Mechanician2A builder of mechanical gadgets.
IQ11Physicker2A Physicker can heal up to 2 new points of damage.
IQ11Shipbuilder2Ability to construct any type of water-going vessel. Seamanship.
IQ11Tactics1The ability to guess what the enemy will do.
IQ11Two Weapons2This is the knowledge of the Florentine style of fighting
IQ11Unarmed Combat II1As U.C. but more advancedUC I and DX 11
IQ11Vet2Just like the Physicker talent, but for use on animals.
IQ11Weapon Expertise3Bonus to hit, defend and make a shrewd blow. Appropriate Weapon talent and DX 12
IQ11Woodsman1A Woodsman is knowledgeable at “living off the land.”Naturalist
IQ11Writing1The ability to write in a clear and concise manner. Literacy
IQ12Assess Value1Lets you look at any object and determine its value. Recognize Value.
IQ12Captain2.The ability to command a large vessel on an extended voyage.Seamanship
IQ12Expert Naturalist2An Expert can recognizing creature, monsters and beasts.Naturalist
IQ12Master Armourer2A high degree of smithcraft. Armourer
IQ12Stealth2The ability to move inconspicuously.Silent Movement
IQ12Unarmed Combat III2As U.C. II, but more advanced. UC II and DX 12
IQ12Ventriloquist1Ability to “throw” your voice.
IQ13Chemist3A Chemist knows chemical formulas and can make them.
IQ13Master Fencer3Weapon Mastery, specifically for the fencing weaponsExpert Fencer and DX 14 or more
IQ13Master Mechanician2A person with this talent is a natural gadgeteerLiteracy
IQ13Scholar3Can teach, research, etc., and will receive respect in all civilized areas. Literacy
IQ13Strategist2Knowledge of military history, theory, and practice.Tactics
IQ13Unarmed Combat IV3As U.C. III, but more advancedUC III, DX 13 and ST 11
IQ13Weapon Mastery3Mastery with a single weapon with bonus to hit, defend and disarm.Appropriate Weapon expertise and DX 14
IQ14Alchemy3Knows alchemical formulas and make them.
IQ14Disguise2The ability to impersonate others.
IQ14Master Bard2A Master Bard can sing very well, play all manner of musical instruments, and compose songs and poetry.Bard
IQ14Master Physicker2A Master Physicker can heal 3 damage.Physicker
IQ14Theologian2Like Priest, except more so. Priest
IQ14Unarmed Combat V4Mastery of martial arts. UC IV, DX 14, and ST 12