Optional Drawbacks for Heroic Expeditions

All ThumbsMinorHandicap-2adjDX on all mechanical tasks
AnemicMinorHandicap-2 SA, -2 adjST to resist sickness, disease, poison, environmental hazards
Bad EyesMinorHandicap-2 to Notice, -2 adjDX to attack more than 3 spaces distant
Big MouthMinorHabitIQ test to keep a secret, blabs at the worst time
CautiousMinorCodeFigure is overly careful, IQ test to act without preparation
Religious MinorCodeAdherence to religious doctrine, faith in church
PartisanMinorCodeCommitment to a political order, loyal to its leadership
CommittedMinorCodeBelief in a cause, support for its followers
CuriousMinorHabitFigure wants to know about everything, IQ test to bypass mystery
Death WishMinorCodeFigure wants to die after completing some task
RivalMinorEnemyFigure has a jealous peer who resents their success
WantedMinorEnemyFigure has been accused of a crime
EnemyMinorEnemyFigure has a recurring foe who wishes them harm
GreedyMinorUnpleasantFigure is obsessed with wealth
LecherousMinorHabitFigure obsessed with sexual conquest, IQ test to overcome, Reaction -1 when indulging
OverindulgenceMinorHabitIQ test to overcome desire, Reaction -1 when indulging
Hard of HearingMinorHandicap-2 to notice
LameMinorHandicapMA -2, -2 on movement-based tests
LoyalMinorCodeThe figure works to never betray or disappoint their friends
Self-absorbedMinorUnpleasantFigure is only interested in themselves, -2 to Reaction
MeanMinorUnpleasantIll-tempered and surly.-2 to Reaction
Non-violentMinorCodeFigure fights only in self-defense
ObeseMinorHandicap-2MA, -2adjDX on athletic tests, +1 AD
OutsiderMinorSocial-2 Reaction, treated badly by those of dominant society
OverconfidentMinorCodeThe figure believes they can do anything, IQ test to back down
Minor PhobiaMinorAnxietyIQ test to face fear or -2 to tests when near its source
PovertyMinorOtherHalf starting coins
StubbornMinorHabitFigure always wants their way, IQ test to compromise
Foul-smellingMinorUnpleasant-2 Reaction due to scent
UglyMinorUnpleasant-2 Reaction due to appearance
VindictiveMinorCodeFigure holds a grudge against perceived wrongs
FugitiveMajorNemesisFigure is being actively pursued by powerful authority
Arch-EnemyMajorNemesisFigure has a powerful or numerous enemy seeking their demise
ClericMajorOathOrdained member of religious order, officiates over ceremonies
ZealotMajorOathDeep commitment to an ideal, strictly follows doctrine and proselytizes
BondedMajorOathFigure is a member of an organization with rules, strictures, and responsibilities
DomineeringMajorOathFigure likes to humiliate opponents, must challenge the enemy leader
Bad LuckMajorOtherDouble range of critical failures
BlindMajorDebilitation-4 to Notice, unable to perform site-required tasks
BloodthirstyMajorOathFigure likes to inflict harm, never takes prisoners
CluelessMajorHandicap-2adjIQ to knowledge checks, cannot make untrained tests
DeafMajorDebilitationAutomatic failure to notice sounds -2adjIQ to all Notice tests
OutcastMajorAbhorrentFigure is a member of group or race disliked by majority, -4 Reaction when known
Branded CriminalMajorAbhorrentFigure marked as dangerous criminal, -4 Reaction when seen
DelusionalMajorAbhorrentFigure suffers from grave delusions, -4 Reaction when known
ElderlyMajorDebilitationFar older than typical adventurers, -2MA2, -2SA, +4EX
One ArmMajorDebilitation-4adjDX to tasks requiring two arms, -4ST for Encumbrance
PacifistMajorOathFigure won’t harm living creatures, tries to resolve conflicts peacefully
PhobiaMajorFear-4 to Tests when near the phobia
SmallMajorDebilitation-1 ST, -1MA
CowardiceMajorFearMust make a difficult IQ check to face danger
Drug DependencyMajorAddictionDifficult IQ test to overcome desire, -2/day deprived, -2 Reaction
Thrill-seekerMajorAddictionFigure seeks the most dangerous actions at al times, hard IQ test to overcome
PrejudicedMajorOathFigure believes in the inferiority of a group, and seeks their restriction
YouthMajorDebilitationFar younger than typical adventurers, -4EX, +2SA